Your website’s keywords are KEY to search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords provide a filter to attract visitors who actually have an interest in your website. The big question is: How do you strategically select the best keywords for your website?

To get your ticker started, here are a few pointers:

  • Use popular searched keywords that are relevant to your website’s content.
  • Analyze it from your target market’s point of view. Ask your customers what words or phrases they would use to search your website.
  • If your website is targeting a specific industry, avoid slang or jargon.
  • To increase your chances of getting genuine visitors looking for your website, have specific keywords and phrases.
  • Use alternative keywords that stem from the main keywords i.e., banana split stemming from the keyword ice cream.
  • Keep your key phrases between 2-4 words.
  • Grab your thesaurus and use synonyms.
  • If targeting a specific region, use geo modifiers.
  • Include purchase indicators in your keyword phrases i.e., buy diamond earrings.

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