Keyword Research and Conversion Analysis

To maximize the effectiveness of your organic search engine optimization campaigns and your paid search advertising, keyword research needs to be at the core of this effort.  Proper keyword research is not just something that happens during the discovery phase while setting up a new campaign.  It should also be a combined effort between the client and the Internet marketing company.  The client should be prepared to educate the engineers setting up the campaign about their products, services, brand, and industry.  Once the overall goals of the campaign have been established the Internet marketing company will analyze the keywords desired by the client and make improvements/adjustments.

Many times the words desired by the client are better for marketing verbiage but not for SEO and conversions.  A good mix of both broad and targeted search terms is usually best.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Once the campaign is up and running, a professional SEO team will constantly be analyzing the click through rates, titles, and descriptions to see what is generating the best response.  In addition, the team should be analyzing conversion rates on the client’s website to see what keywords are converting the best.  Often, the phrases that drive the most traffic are not always the ones that convert the best.  Again, a healthy combination is generally the best practice.

Throughout the campaign, this analysis process should never stop.  Many times industries change and certain keywords that were once the driving factor in the campaign have less relevance.  Constant monitoring will ensure the best results.

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