Jack of All Trades, Master of None

As the corporate world further embraces the importance of Internet marketing, social media, and the basics of interactive client communication many companies are trying to figure out just how to go about launching such efforts.  Naturally, like anything else, new agendas require time, research, resources, and budget.  Many of the items on this list are scarce these days and even the major brands are watching their wallets.

One thing that seems to be common is that many companies are dabbling in all areas of Internet marketing but not effectively using any one channel.  This is not unusual nor is there anything wrong with it.  You have to start somewhere.  However, when budget and resources are limited it obviously behooves a company seeking to expand their brand presence online to choose one or two of the most appropriate online marketing channels and focus on success.  Many larger brands are making efforts to build in-house teams by reorganizing current talent and shifting people into new jobs.  Often times there will be one person overseeing five or six different Internet marketing agendas with little to no outside help.  This may not be the most realistic approach.

Companies needs to spend time researching which Internet marketing components are the most appropriate for their brand, timelines, budget, and goals.  Then they need to choose one or two and set some goals.  Whether it is done in-house or by an outside Internet marketing firm doesn’t really matter.  You just need to make sure the people implementing the strategiues have the expertise to not only run the campaigns but understand your business goals and how to reach them. 

For example, two of the most complimentary online marketing channels (in my opinion) are organic SEO and social media.  Both ensure long term investment in the business and will grow in value and response over time.  Both strategies will help your business eliminate other costs/needs for traditional media over time.  Either way, the smartest and most targeted approach will match your business goals with the resources you have to reach those goals.

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