It's All About Your Reputation

Search engine optimization and overall Internet marketing strategies are usually launched to create brand awareness, drive website traffic, and sell products, goods, and services.  Even Obama spent millions on PPC during his campaign trail – looks like it worked!

Sometimes companies can use a slightly different strategy to combat negative press they might be receiving as well.  This is called SEO masking.  Often times, companies will gradually build a negative reputation through rating systems, blogs, forums, etc. and when their company name is searched, nothing but negative articles appear.  Sometimes the companies deserve the press they get, don’t get me wrong.  However, regardless of the source there are ways to compete against this negative press and place a more positive light on your company’s brand!

One of the best ways to develop a great online brand exposure is to have multiple landing pages from your site that are appropriate and specific to what people are searching for – both broad searches and more targeted searches.  The more pages you have that can be indexed by the search engines, the more relevant the search engines will see your site and the more likely your site will be to appear for more search results.  The more search results you have for any given term, the more likely you are to push down unwanted results or competitor results.

Many companies utilize the subdomain strategy to create more pages.  The search engines see subdomains as a separate site which can be optimize solely for the specific purpose of that page giving a more targeted advantage over other websites.

Regardless, any company making a great investment in website optimization will have a better platform from which to grow their brand and protect their reputation.

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