Is Your Email Marketing Reaching All of Your Clients?

ipad iphoneIn the past, your email newsletter would only be received and viewed via a PC or Mac using standard email software or one of many online email programs and that was all you had to worry about.  Today, however, your email is not only being viewed with these programs, but also on multiple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, and tablets!  Each of which has a different way of presenting the email.

Are you delivering your email blast in a way that covers all of these devices and email programs?  Few brands/companies are actually doing that.  You need to take into consideration all of the variables that can affect the way your clients view, click, share and respond to your email marketing strategies.

Your customers expect to receive these emails in the format that fits their needs, whether they first read it on their smartphone while on travel, or open it from their PC or Mac back at the office, then look at it again in a meeting on their iPad or tablet.

Internet Marketing Inc’s Email Marketing team can help you make sure your emails are received in the best format for all mediums and that you are getting the highest response possible to your campaigns. Contact us today for recommendations on maximizing your email marketing reach.

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