Is SEO an esoteric platform?

I recently got back from the NAR Tradeshow in Orlando and after speaking with countless developers and agents about Internet Marketing, I realized that many people still don’t really know exactly what SEO means. Developers are relatively smart people – at least, that’s what they come off as. Many developers in the past that I have spoken with are extremely lucid characters with sound business experience. I have learned much about real estate markets and economic trends that sway the way developers think. But when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, I was floored that many developers don’t understand the basics. It’s imperative, vital, important, necessary, a must, that developers know about SEO. Not only will they be able to farm the best firm to do this work by asking the right questions, but it helps with sales of units. Coupled with SEO, Pay-Per-Click advertising is also important. Many developers know about PPC but they seem to lack the relationship between PPC and SEO. We just signed a client today that understands the importance of Search Engine Optimization and he’s extremely fired up about the process. Not only do we help our clients by driving organic traffic to their sites but we also educate our clients about what we’re doing. I feel lucky to be immersed in such an advanced field that is constantly changing and when you’re able to explain this to someone who you respect, (for me, it’s real estate developers), there is a certain proud feeling you experience.

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