Iphone Applications- Changing Social Media

When the Iphone first came out over a year ago, it generated more buzz than I have ever seen for a product in history. Now with the second version, the iPhone 3G, all the bugs have been worked out and most importantly, iPhone Applications have taken the world by storm. There is now an iPhone Application for almost every aspect of our daily lives. Every major company and website is working fast to get their iPhone application out. It is the latest form of Internet Marketing. Trulia, a large real estate website launched their application, and within one week they had over 55,000 downloads of their applications. I don’t know of any better free exposure for a company out there today. Some of the applications have a small fee but most of the big ones are free. It is an amazing way to stay in constant communicatin with clients, consumers, and anyone interested in what your business has to offer. Some of the applications are silly things such as drinking a beer or a stupid game, but some are really worth it. I downloaded about 30 of them to test them out.  Facebook is one of the most popular ones and you can pretty much control your entire account from the application. Fring is a great App that lets you connect with all of your instant messengers including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Skype. The Price is Right even has a full version of its game online. Some other cool ones are Around Me, which shows you all the restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc right where you are located.

Most of these applications utilize the phone’s GPS technology features to pinpoint your exact location. Shazami is a really cool application that you see on TV commercials. It allows you to find out the name of any song your phone hears and where you can buy it. Jot is an App that allows you to talk into the phone and convert your words into a text message so you remember what you were saying. Banks are launching applications so you can access all your accounts online, make stock trades, etc. Soon every company will have one or should have one. There are a lot of companies starting for the specific reason of creating these applications.

Some people are even getting rich designing and selling their applications online. Most of the featured ones are only a few dollars but those dollars can add up fast now that the iPhone has officially taken over the most popular phone title from the Razr, which had that title for the last three years. If you or your company has any interest in creating your own application, I suggest you contact an Internet Marketing Company that specializes in this type of application. It is a new form of marketing that will be essential to the future growth of your business.


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