Invest NOW – Spend Less Later

In the mind of a business owner, results are always expected YESTERDAY.  Most savvy owners/managers understand that this is rarely realistic and certain investments in people, hardware, software, strategies, and planning must be made to achieve a desired result somewhere down the line.  Usually there is a defined timeframe for these goals, or at least there should be.  Often times, marketing and advertising are the most difficult to plan, coordinate, and budget.  Businesses have to test the waters to see what works best for their product.  Some things work and some don’t but the investment must be made to find this out.  An experienced manager will know when to cut things that are not working out of the budget, but must not be too quick to do so.

Looking back on some of the businesses I have started, there is one thing and one thing only that I would have invested in more heavily from day one…internet marketing, or more specifically search engine optimization.  Even brand new websites, if build properly, can start off with a smaller investment in SEO and build over time depending on budget and goals.  A sound SEO campaign generating consistant first page results in the major search engines takes time and requires a good team of professionals continually updating the site’s code, content, link structure, and site map.

Going back to what I was saying earlier about results versus spending…it is sometimes tough for a business owner who is watching the books closely to be patient and understand that the ROI will come!  In the long run, search engine optimization is one fo the most important foundations to any company’s marketing efforts and brand exposure.  Appearing on the first page of Google for your company’s most relevant search terms can be a very powerful testimony in itself.  It will drive qualified traffic to your website and show comsumers that you are in fact an industry leader…whether you really are or not.

It is important to have a website that is well optimized, but equally important to ensure that the site is set up properly to channel the traffic to areas on the site that will benefit your company.  Traffic should always translate to revenue in some way.  Always…no matter what type of company you are.  The more focus and care that is invested into Internet marketing in the beginning, the less of your budget that will have to be allocated later on.  Once a compay achieves first page results and maintains a good strategy for staying there, fewer marketing dollars will have to be spent in other areas.

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