The “internet” had revealed itself to me exactly 10 years ago.

This revelation came to me while I was a high school student here in the US, and to my surprise, I haven’t heard much about the “internet” until my class had an i-introduction at the school library.

Since then, “it” has enveloped almost all facets of my life. “Its” functions were simple at first, and I was prone to use it for basic information search, reading newspapers, looking at images, the innocent ones of course, and just surfing or familiarizing myself with this newly created web community.

Contrary to popular belief however, the early pioneers who launched the World Wide Web were not aiming to make money and I wasn’t looking to buy anything. But this has all changed within a few years, when everyone started buzzing and investing in the

I remember the first browser I used was Netscape. In no time it was replaced by MS’s rival Internet Explorer and it became my window into the World Wide Web.

The next big thing I experienced were portals such as Yahoo, Lycos, and AltaVista. Who could have thought that I will be working in internet marketing, optimizing client’s websites for the same search engines? This leads me to the next question…

Has internet become the #1 source for e-commerce, advertising and business? Eight years into the new century and it’s clear that the “internet” is now a dominant force in our lives, changing the way we do business, communicate, and even run election campaigns, an advent of the so called “YouTube Debates”.

Today, few big businesses can afford NOT to have a website for advertising and selling their products or services. And it has become almost natural for many people to check out new products, prices and availability online before buying. But how are these potential consumers finding the websites?

Most businesses might argue “Well, we have a website…”, but what they fail to realize is that having just a website on the internet is not enough to sell their products or services. Here is where website promotion through Search Engines and Directories comes in. It is not a big secret that search engines and directories can be one of the most effective ways of trafficking visitors to your website. However learning how to do that on the internet, the steps and procedures for website optimization are often full of ambiguities and people are often misinformed about Search Engine Optimization.

I want to encourage anyone with a website to have your work found and read by as many people as possible and get proper results, isn’t it why you created the website in the first place?

~ Eldar Gaziev

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