Internet Marketing Inc’s Benj Arriola Takes on SMX Sydney 2015

The Search Marketing Expo (SMX) is one of the largest digital marketing conferences with a strong reputation. Even though I am a featured speaker, I am just as  excited as all the other attendees to listen to and learn from, all the other speakers who are thought leaders in the industry. Digital marketing is one of those industries where learning from each other, whether that be at conferences, online forums, Facebook groups, Google+ or scheduled meet-ups, is what keeps everyone learning and growing in a positive direction.

This May 11, 2015 through May 14, 2015 is the SMX Sydney conference. The first and last days are the advanced workshop days for PPC and SEO respectively. May 12 and 13 are all the conference sessions. I will be speaking on May 12 and 13, and will also be doing one of the advanced SEO workshops. Below is an preview of what I will be talking about.

Note: Blog post updated with the presentation presented at SMX Sydney 2015.

Link Building and Content Marketing: How They Work Together


Since the late 90’s, link building has flooded the efforts of all SEOs because of its persuasion on ranking.  The link building tactics and types of links achieved have been evaluated by Google differently along the way as well. When the Panda & Penguin updates shook up the industry in 2011, this drastically changed how we look at link building today. Some say link building is dead, and now we are in the age of content marketing instead.  Whether you still believe in link building or not, I will give some insight into this evolving, controversial practice.

Creative Content Marketing: From Strategy to Execution


Sure, content marketing helps SEO, but the benefits are far greater than ranking.  If you are thinking of content simply as a link building tool, you are not seeing the bigger picture. But if you are still trying to nail this process down you may want to attend this session. I will discuss content marketing from beginning to end, by going through the 6 P’s of Content Marketing.

  • Pitch – Pitching content marketing to stakeholders
  • Point – What is the main point in content marketing?
  • Purpose – Reaching your goals you want to achieve from content marketing
  • Production – Content can come in many forms, and this is where creativity comes into play. *Several mini case studies will be presented.
  • Promotion – Great content has to be seen by many to be successful.
  • Performance – Measuring success in content marketing.

Alignment of Usability, SEO & CRO in Site Architecture


Site architecture is definitely important in any website, but how important it is depends on who you ask. SEO and site architecture go hand in hand, but there isn’t always agreement upon what is best. With different goals being equally important, this would be perfect if you are just about to build a new site or is in the early stages of redesigning your own website. This is one of the most fundamental items you should have set properly as you start to do SEO on a website. The power of site architecture is huge.

I am looking forward to learning and educating in Sydney. But a little sightseeing never hurt anyone either. If you’ve been there before I’d love to know some places I could easily go to that are nearby. You know… the ones that I should not leave without seeing first?

See you all there!

Update: Thanks to all that attended my session and thanks for all the feedback!

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