Internet Marketing Inc. Co-Founder & CMO Brent Gleeson to Appear in NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes!

Brent Gleeson, Internet Marketing Inc.’s Co-Founder and CMO, will be appearing in NBC’s new reality extravaganza Stars Earn Stripes which premiers August 13th at 8 pm.  Stars Earn Stripes is the creation of executive producers Mark Burnett (Survivor and The Voice), David Hurwitz (Fear Factor), and Dick Wolf (Law & Order) and supports various military and first responder charities.

About NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes

Eight celebrities are each paired with a special operations or law enforcement professional.  The operators train the celebrities in the use of various weapons and spec ops combat tactics then compete as four person squads or pairs against the other squads or pairs.  The competitions are actual mock missions with live fire and live explosives.  The missions include jumping from moving helicopters, grueling physical challenges, difficult target shooting, live demolition, urban and close quarters combat, and ship attacks.

Each celebrity is representing a charitable organization that supports veterans or first responders.  Charities and non-profits involved include the Wounded Warrior Project and the USO.  The winning celebrity and operator earn $100,000 towards the charity they represent.

The celebrity cast, shown in the picture at the end of this post, includes Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street, Terry Crews, Laila Ali, Nick Lachey, Eve Torres, Todd Palin, Dolvett Quince, and Dean Cane.  The show is hosted by Samantha Harris from Dancing with the Stars and General Wesley Clark.

The operators include IMI’s CMO and former Navy SEAL combat veteran Brent Gleeson, world renound Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, Green Beret Grady Powell,  Marine Recon and Corpsman Talon Smith, Delta Force badass and America hero Dale Comstock, Marine Andrew McLaren, SWAT Commander Tom Stroup, and Marine veteran and NYC police officer JW Cortez.  Read more about all the operators HERE>>

Stars Earn Stripes is the brainchild of executive producers Mark Burnett (Survivor and The Voice), David Hurwitz (Fear Factor), and Dick Wolf (Law & Order).  Burnett has created other military based shows such as Combat Missions.  Burnett, a former British paratrooper, and Hurwitz are extremely patriotic and supports all military causes.

About Brent’s Involvement in Stars Earn Stripes

Brent was selected for the show by Mark Burnett based on his special operations combat background as a Navy SEAL and for his professional leadership experience.  Brent is paired with one of the celebrities and competes for the $100,000 charity prize!  Brent served as a Navy SEAL operator at SEAL Team Five and completed combat deployments to Iraq and Africa.  His team’s primary objective was executing capture or kill missions working in conjunction with the CIA.

As IMI’s Chief Marketing Officer Brent overseas all branding and marketing efforts for the company.  As an owner of the company Brent also leads strategic planning initiatives and works with team members to direct the company towards it’s ultimate vision of being the leading data-driven integrated online marketing agency in the world.

Tune in Monday August 13th at 8 pm for the two hour premier!

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