Internet Marketing Inc. at NAR Conference

This weekend was the annual NAR (National Association of Realtors) Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Internet Marketing Inc. was there to meet with current clients and discuss new online marketing strategies with International real estate developers.

The show had a different dynamic this year due to the domestic real estate market but there were many new condo developments and home communities from Latin America and Central America with a presence at the conference.  All were interested in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and website development.  Most of the real estate developers internationally are just starting to understand the importance of SEO, SEM, and a healthy online presence to boost exposure and sales for their developments.

Internet Marketing Inc. currently works with many real estate developers in Mexico and Panama to properly optimize their sites for maximum exposure in the major search engines and increase conversion rates.  The world of real estate marketing has taken a dramtic shift over the last few years while developers and agents are realizing that over 80% of people searching for new homes are looking online before they ever contact a Realtor.  With traditional forms of media such as print advertising being so expensive, more marketers are looking to companies like Internet Marketing Inc. to help them maximize their budget and increase online exposure.  Capturing buyers in their early search process is crucial, especially as sales are harder to come by.

Internet Marketing Inc. recently signed a master planned community in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico called Quivera.  We will be handling their comprehensive online marketing solutions with an emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO).  Quivera is one of the most high-end luxury home communities Cabo has ever experienced and will be offering homes from $5 million and up!

The most important foundation to any real estate marketing campaign is to have a solid online foundation from which to support all other aspects of the media plan.  When potential buyers see print advertising, signage, flyers, etc. most of the time they go strait to the computer when they get home and Google the property name.  It is important to have a well optimized website for the property with minimal Flash and good landing pages with registration forms.  Capturing that person information right when they hit the site is very important.  In the end it is all up the sales teams to close the deal, but without that initial contact, you may never get the lead!  That is where we come in!

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