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The Internet Marketing Inc. blog is all about education.  We want our clients, future clients, and industry professionals to be able to read, learn and comment on all things related to Internet marketing – and with this dynamic industry it is up to all of us to stay current on new developments.

I would however like to take the opportunity to educate our readers a bit on Internet Marketing Inc. as a San Diego based online marketing firm that specializes in website design & development, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, media buying, and brand consulting.

So what makes Internet Marketing Inc. Different?

Experienced Professionals:  The company is owned and operated by professionals who have founded and run many successful Internet marketing related companies.  This has provided the opportunity to play the role of the service provider AND the client.  Having had the opportunity to work with many of the most successful firms in the industry as a client, we have been able to develop practices that enhance the overall client experience.

Education & Communication:  Internet Marketing Inc. educates every client before engaging in their campaigns.  We do this for serveral reasons.  Education builds trust.  We want our clients to know that we know what we are talking about.  Addiontionally, we want them to understand what it is that they are paying for and what to expect.  This helps us manage expectations and gives the a valuable experince as opposed to just paying for another service they hope works.

ROI:  Internet Marketing Inc. is run by “business minded” individuals who approach all projects with business development methodologies.  We are not just a design firm or a San Diego SEO company.  We are a full scale solution designed to help companies grow through improved online exposure.  They is no point in having a  great website unless people can find it.  They is also no point in having a great website unless it is set up to foster conversions and increase business.

Conversion Optimization:  This is part of every project we take on.  It doesn’t matter if we are simply designing the front end of a website or doing organic search engine optimization – every strategy has “conversions” in mind.  The definition of conversions will differ for every company.  Defining the goal of the online marketing campaign is usually the first step.

International Experience:  Many Internet marketing companies in San Diego focus on local companies and brands.  Internet Marketing Inc. services clients from Southern California to Europe…and everywhere in between.  We employ multilingual project managers fluent in Spanish, French, and Italian and we can perform multilingual SEO and PPC campaigns.

Traditional Media Buying:  Though Internet marketing is becoming more popular and cost effective than traditional media, most companies at some point in time need both.  It is crucial that both the online media and offline media support and compliment one another.  Internet Marketing Inc. performs full-scale media buying and brand consulting.  Our media buying division is powered by Americas Media Group out of Miami. We have competitive buying power as one of the largest international media buyers for luxury brands in the world.

Client Diversification:  We have experience in a wide range of industries.  We work with luxury real estate developers all over the world, pharmaceutical companies, the United States military, e-commerce companies, health and wellness companies, and many more!

And best of all we support our local community, charitible causes, the United States military and we have an officially certifed “GREEN” website!

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