Internet Marketing as an Investment

Whenever companies put together an online media plan with an Internet marketing company they are going to want to set a monthly budget for each placement and strategy.  The smart ones are going to want to analyze the return on each of those media placements so they can make adjustments when necessary.  How and when you judge the ROI will be different for every strategy.

Many online media plans will include a pay per click (PPC) component for immediate results.  This is a great strategy to incorporate into the overall plan and is best served for targeted plans, launches, and specific products or services.  You do not want to get tied to PCC however as your sole driver of traffic without investing in organic SEO.  Many companies will use the PPC while waiting for natural placements to climb.

Making the investment in organic SEO is crucial for long term sustainability and marketing needs.  Great organic placements are not tied to specific ongoing budget other than performing basic ongoing SEO maintenance.  Once good organic plaements have been achieved, the ongoing work ins’t that hard or time consuming.  Just keep adding natural content and building quality inbound links, among a few other things.

If a company doesn’t invest however in the organic SEO, they may never have good placements and have to rely on PCC.  Even if a company has the budget to do so, costs will gradually go up and the conversion rates are lower than with natural placements.  Invest now!  It takes time but once you reach your goals you will be glad you did.

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