Internet Marketing and Real Estate Media Campaigns

These days in real estate, many media buying companies are recommending that their clients spend more of their budget with the online medium. Why? Well, the answer is quite simple. Print is losing traction as the primary advertising resource – it’s getting more expensive, consumers choose the internet over print 8 times out of 10 to search for real estate and the internet provides up to the minute data. All major real estate developments that advertise in print or other offline mediums, will always include a website in the add. I challenge you to show me any current luxury real estate development advertisement that doesn’t include a URL. A media buying company will most of the time recommend that if you have a luxury project, you will need a very flashy, cool, and hip site. What many media companies fail to really understand is the importance of how the website is built and when the website should be launched. This is why an Internet marketing company is vital for any luxury real estate campaign. Any good internet marketing company will agree that if you have a luxury real estate development project, the development website should convey that message. However, the site must be built correctly. That includes:

Many calls-to-action: Calls-to-action are extremely important as they will capture the viewers basic info – name, e-mail, phone and etc. These must be prevalent throughout the site and easy for the user to see. Leads in the market today are extremely valuable so collecting them is imperative.

Site must be SEO friendly: typically, luxury real estate development websites are done entirely in flash with very little consideration for Search Engine Optimization. It makes no sense to build a site for a luxury development and not build it for search engines to find. We live in a global market and buyers are coming from all corners of the world so having your site appear organically for competitive terms can only help your chances of securing a buyer.

Build the site first: Once a developer gets the needed funding and permits, the website is not one of the most important things to cross his/her mind. Well, it should be! The sooner you can start building the site and optimizing it correctly, the less money you’ll be spending on PPC.

A good media company that understands the global real estate market is very important these days. Having a solid Internet marketing company to help guide the way of the website is equally important and should not be overlooked.

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