Internet Explorer, Still #1 Among Web Browsers

Google is always taking steps to distance themselves from other competitors. Google Chrome was developed with the goal to outrank Internet Explorer as the leading web browser, but over time Internet Explorer has kept its popularity and its number one rank as the leading web browser. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been and continues to be to be a major benefit for Microsoft and an edge over Google.


Google’s use of Apple’s Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome combined consists of approximately 48% of all web browser usage, while IE takes the remaining 52%. According to an updated report by Chitika, a company that provides data analysis, 75% of Bing’s traffic is a result from IE users, while only 40% of visitors to Google Search use IE.  Although Microsoft could use Internet Explorer as a weapon against Google, it would not prove beneficial considering they would lose that fraction of web surfers who visit and utilize Google Search. But if Microsoft did ever decided to lockout Google, it would definitely hurt Google a lot more than Microsoft.

People might think that Bing is doing so well because it’s the default search engine for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but that’s actually not the case. Computer manufacturers typically set up most default browsers themselves, based on who invests the most in buying default browser positioning. Google has been aggressive in this area up until around 2008 when Microsoft took over and led most of the remaining deals. But browser positioning is only one of Internet Explorers attributes. Internet Explorer’s popularity is not only credited to its easy use and brand name reputation, but its ability to remain the way users like it. If updating from Internet Explorer 8 to Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft not only provides the user with an improved browser, but also transfers over old settings from your previous browser. As Internet Explorer’s dominance continues, Microsoft will continue to hold bragging rights over Google in the web browser field.



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