[Infographic] Internet Marketing Inc. – Inside the Agency

Only in the agency world can you ask, “What’s your favorite Chrome extension?” and get not a singular answer, but one longer than the extended cut of Shine on You Crazy Diamond. And where else but at an agency would phrases like these make sense?

  • “Can you pass me the screenshare?”
  • “Tag me in that.”
  • “Who’s got the GoTo?”
  • “Was I on mute?”
  • “Is that client or consumer facing?”

The agency world is a unique blend of jargon, the constant battle to find the ideal work/life balance, seemingly endless emails and, of course, company-sponsored happy hours and events. It takes a unique individual to not only work in an agency, but to embrace the lifestyle day in, day out and do it with style and grace. This is why we asked our amazing team here at IMI what makes them tick. We wanted to get in the minds of the team members that make this one of the best agencies around.

Our Content team put together a survey for the company to take. Through a series of questions ranging from typical weekend activities after 5 days at the office to their favorite Vin Diesel movie (there’s really only one right answer), and all the glorious agency-life norms in between, we put together the following infographic highlighting the findings.

IMI Employee Infographic

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