Influencer Marketing Blog Roundup to Help with Your Year-Round Campaigns

influencer marketing blog roundupA quick Google search of “who runs the world” would make you believe girls do as per Beyonce but when it comes to marketing, we might have to give that credit to influencers. Even if they don’t “run” things, they have an impact on how we implement marketing campaigns.

Think of working with influencers as playing an endless game of telephone with an audience already grouped together into specific niches. The influencer tells their audience of 100K; that 100K each tells at least one person, and so on and so on. Bottom line: when an influencer chooses to work with you, your targeted audience grows exponentially.

94% of marketers of those who used influencer marketing believed it be effective. (Source: adweek)

If you’ve yet to dive into an influencer marketing campaign or want to know how you can improve them, we’ve rounded up the best of the best of our influencer marketing blogs for you. They’ll help you make the right connections, improve your reach, increase engagement, and get people excited about your brand.

We also have this handy Guide to Influencer Marketing that will take you through the steps of setting up your own campaign, identify elements that may be missing from your current initiatives, and how to measure ROI.
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