[Inc.com Interview] Brandon Fishman and Brent Gleeson Talk About The Skills Needed To Run A Successful Business

The things that set Co-founders of IMI, Brandon Fishman, CEO and Brent Gleeson, CMO apart from other entrepreneurs is their drive, the will to persevere through tough times and their business and finance education. Brent and Brandon received their undergraduate degrees in finance and their masters of science in real estate. In grad school at the University of San Diego they started their own international online real estate business. Their combined interest in the financial aspect of real estate developments and investments proved to be a driving force behind the success of their first business together.

As Brandon explains in the video, many leaders of other agencies in their industry are “techy” or engineers that are very proficient technically, but don’t have any business background. It is one thing to learn how to do SEO on a website, but another on knowing how to run a profitable business. You can be the most knowledgeable, skilled and educated professional, but owning and running a successful business requires quite a bit of financial and business training.

Brent and Brandon had a vision and stuck by that vision, leading them to a very productive online real estate company, which is still the highest visited real estate website today. Seeing what they had accomplished, they decided to start their own digital marketing agency. Initially providing SEO services to their small business clients, they soon grew their business, providing full service online marketing solutions to medium size and enterprise companies. They both feel their finance and business background gave them the foundation for creating and growing their successful businesses.

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