Inbound Marketing with SEO, Blogs, and Social Media

Outbound marketing is just not as effective anymore.  Outbound marketing for companies could be the use of traditional mass media, making cold calls, or going to trade shows.  These activities are active methods “selling” products and services through finding and approaching potential customers.  Tired of cold calling?  Try investing more on inbound marketing and let the business come to you!

cold-callInbound marketing involves attracting new customers and letting them find you because you present your brand as a credible and trustworthy source.  Consumers or companies seeking products and services that you  might be offering are looking online and doing research through Google searches, reading blogs, and even reviewing content on social media sites.  Instead of putting your brand out there to people or companies used to quickly tuning out mass media, why not just be “found” by your target customer when they are looking?

Inbound marketing through search engine optimization simply means that your site is going to be well optimized for keywords most important to growing your business.  Without SEO, your company’s website will never be found in the natural search results and therefore lose market share to competitors who are in fact being “found” by your potential customers. 

Inbound marketing with blogs and social media involves developing great content.  This will in turn drastically improve your SEO efforts.  Social media is of course about more than content but is driven by sharing valuable information with your audience.  The information on your blog and social media platforms should be compelling and offer your audience a chance to quickly learn something of value.

Most companies these days are still spending about 90% of their time and energy on outbound marketing and only 10% on inbound methods.  Once a company truly embraces the theory and strategy behind inbound marketing they generally improve the inflow of new business leads.  They quality of these inquiries is usually better too. 

In conclusion, if your company wants business to come to you rather than having to chase down “leads”, then pursue these strategies:

  • Position your company and people within your company as industry experts
  • Develop great content for your website and blogs (i.e. articles, white papers, blogs, videos, etc.)
  • Distribute your content to social media sites like Facebook, other blogs, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Forget the “sales pitch” and let new business come to you

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