In House Web Apps as a Marketing Tool

Mobile and web apps are nothing new. We all know apps like the ever-popular Angry Birds game that allows players to catapult birds or Instagram that provides various filter effects that users can apply to their photos taken on mobile devices and then easily upload to social media sites such as facebook. Top marketing companies can use these apps as a valuable tool for spreading awareness amongst consumers.

However, a new trend is how businesses are using free web apps to promote their products or services. For example, paint makers Benjamin Moore have developed an app for the iPhone and Android operating system that allows users to upload images and have the color tracked to match one of their 3,300 paint colors. This handy app lets you snap a picture on your mobile device to get an instant match and also has features such as a color wheel program to direct you to the closest Benjamin Moore retailer, and an option to share your results with others both through email and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Another example of a free app developed to work as an internet marketing tool is Lego’s digital designer app. This is an innovative approach that lets users design their own custom legos. This app invites users to get directly involved with the design process making it more memorable and keeping them more engaged with the content on lego’s website.

As this emerging trend of companies taking matters into their own hands and hosting their own free web apps for customers continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how things progress. This is a unique, creative approach and is very likely to bring success to the companies who join in.

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