Improve UX with the 3 E’s: Education, Entertain, Empower

improve uxUser experience, or “UX,” is the overall experience a person has when they interact with your website.

While many of us look at UX as a catch-all phrase that indicates whether our clients are happy with us, the process of maximizing UX goes far beyond measuring the span of a customer’s satisfaction.

Happiness doesn’t necessarily equate to a good user experience. Rather, the client’s subjective opinion of your business through a series of interactions largely shapes their definition of a good user experience.

If you’re looking to improve UX, ensure that you lead with the following three concepts in mind: educate, entertain, and empower.

How to Utilize the Three E’s for UX

Educate — The majority of individuals today search the Internet for specific answers to problems they’re having. Think about the proliferation of “how-to” sites and videos, and the resulting links that are built by a “step-by-step” website. The last time you had an appliance repair issue or a problem with your computer, did you immediately bring it to the repair shop down the street? Probably not. You hopped online and searched for a fix. You probably came across the answer, and then, decided whether or not to enlist the help of a professional.

When creating compelling content to enhance UX, keep in mind that education is a huge piece of the puzzle. The content should be concise and easy to read. It should be optimized to reflect the keywords people are searching for. It should provide a solution to a problem, provide value by sharing knowledge, or give a directive for next steps.

Entertain –You can also boost UX and create a memorable experience for clients by offering up a dose of entertainment value. Start by considering this – in a study conducted by the author of the book Contagious, more than 7,000 New York Times articles were assessed. Most of the articles that went viral were those that centered on good news versus bad. Adding a positive spin or sentiment to your content pieces will help improve visibility and will likely enhance UX across your entire pool of clients and prospects.

When assessing the entertainment value of your site, determine if it elicits feelings of excitement, positivity, and delight, versus anger, frustration, or anxiety. The majority of people have shown they look for opportunities to share positive news and “feel good” information.

The bottom line is that UX is enhanced when your site or social media profile offers content that is reactive. You’ll position yourself to more easily trigger emotions and curiosity in your clients.

Empower — What does it mean to enhance UX through empowerment? Simply put, empowering someone through your product or service is the act of making their lives better/easier/more fun because of you.

Let’s consider wearable technology, for instance. A contemporary, fully-integrated smartwatch can improve someone’s life by making communication easier, enhancing time management and scheduling activities, keeping tabs on healthy behaviors, and so much more. The control factor, that feeling of empowerment, is what boosts the user’s experience.

Keep in mind that UX design and the roadmap to maximizing the client’s experience isn’t the same for all businesses. The ultimate goal is similar – which is seeking a boost in customer satisfaction and loyalty by facilitating interactions that are simple, pleasant, and compelling to the visitor, but the steps to get there are unique to your operation.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask – is your site educational, entertaining, and empowering? If so, you’re on the road to enhancing UX for your valued clients!

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