Improve Marketing Decisions with Multi-Channel Attribution Analytics

When running multiple channels of online media, especially if you have a considerable budget, wouldn’t it make sense to understand how each of those channels may have contributed to a sale or conversion?  Of course.  That way you know how to make educated decisions about how to improve your integrated approach and invest more in the channels that are providing the best ROI.

Until recently, analytics platforms including Google Analytics only tracked the “last click” when recording a conversion.  So for example, you may have Google Analytics set up with goal tracking.  Let’s say your conversion is a form fill.  When looking at your conversions in Analytics you see that your branded PPC campaign is driving the majority of leads.  But in this example you are also running non-branded PPC keywords, you have organic rankings, and you are running display and retargeting.  So based on Analytics you decide to make no changes to your campaigns because you are already maxed out on spend for branded PPC terms.

But maybe this is what really happened:

  1. User does a search while researching products similar to yours and clicks on a link to a blog about such similar products
  2. While on this blog the user sees a display ad for your product and clicks through to your website
  3. They look at a couple pages but then leave without converting
  4. Two weeks later they remember looking at your site and run a search for your product; your site shows up number 2 in the organic results and they click through but do not convert
  5. Then five days later they do a branded search (keyword search for your company name), see your PPC add at the top, click through and fill out your form

Based on this example, you should attribute the majority of the success for this particular conversion to your display campaign.  Maybe that information leads you to make further ad buys on additional networks which drives even more conversions.  But without seeing this click path and understanding how the user actually first discovered your company, you will make the wrong decisions.  The image below helps illustrate how limiting it is to base marketing decisions on Last Click data.

Google recently launched their version of attribution analytics within Google Analytics called Multi-Channel Funnels.  While this does ad value there are a couple key limitations:

  1. It is a cookie based tracking system
  2. It only tracks for a 30 day period

Internet Marketing Inc. takes this a step further with our multi-attribution analytics solutions which are based on fingerprinting and can track a user for months, even over a year.  Our platform tracks across all online media channels and has the ability to track a user on different computers (i.e. your office PC and home desktop).  Lean more about our attribution analytics and open your eyes to true decision making ability!  Start NOW

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