[VIDEO] The Importance PPC Campaign Tracking

Campaign tracking is the core element in measuring the success of your PPC campaigns.  It is an essential step in accurately tracking your PPC campaigns and keywords. In this video, Justin Mayerick, IMI’s SEM Director explains why tracking PPC campaigns accurately will help maximize your ROI and overall performance of your account.

Google Analytics is a web analytics tracking platform offered by Google that generates reports and provides detailed information and insight into how your visitors interact with your website such as providing time on site metrics and page views in real time. This program can show you the click path someone took to land on your site, as well as measure leads, sales and conversions. It can track visitors from search engines, social sites, paid search, email, referral sites and inbound links.  The information gathered from google analytics can be instrumental in determining how to adjust your campaigns to produce better results.

To get the most out of your web analytics, it is crucial to properly code your campaigns.  Many marketers manage their Pay-Per-Click campaigns alongside other online marketing efforts, so it is important to designate unique tracking codes for each campaign. If you do not code your campaigns correctly, you will not be able to monitor them through Google Analytics. Being able to track campaigns allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your PPC campaigns, allowing you to make educated decisions that can positively impact your campaign goals.

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