IMI Sponsoring the NSWF Fundraiser on Nov 19th!

As some of you may know, I used to serve as a Navy SEAL.  Now that my responsibilities have taken me on to other projects, we feel called to serve the Naval Special Warfare Foundation which provides financial support to the families and children of SEALs killed or injured in combat. 

sealEach year, in conjunction with the Navy SEAL warrior fund, we hold two major fundraising events.  The next event coming up is our annual fundraiser at Dick’s Last Resort in downtown San Diego.  The event is open anyone and is attened by active duty SEALs as well as veterans. 

Our friends at Dick’s Last Resort have confirmed that they will once again host an NSWF fund raising event this year.  The date is 19 NOV.  The NSWF provided our active duty force $900,000 in support last year.  We raised $70,000 at our event at Dick’s in 2008.  With everyone’s support we hope that we can once again raise a large sum to help support our troops and their families.  We will have the usual raffle and live auction with tons of great prizes!

I have some bad news to report.  We had two recent tragedies:

On 13 SEP LT Dan Cnossen lost both legs below the knees when he stepped on an IED during a combat operation in Afghanistan.  He is at Bethesda Naval Hospital undergoing treatment for his wounds.  You can learn more at his website.

On 24 SEP Ryan Jobe a SEAL who last eyesight in both eyes when he was wounded in Iraq in 2006 underwent a major operation that unfortunately resulted in a complication that caused him to lose his life.  Since he was wounded Ryan had been a spokesman for the NSW community.  His wife is pregnant with their first child.

I want to thank all of you once again for the tremendous support you have provided the NSWF during the past several years.  I know that this year’s event at Dick’s will be both a success and a lot of fun for everyone who attends.  Mark your calendars!

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