IMI Social Media Marketing Team

Having begun my first week at IMI as the Director of Social Media, I am looking forward to stepping in and continuing to grow and further develop the social media department.  With a background in marketing and experience on the client side of Internet marketing technologies, I am eager to bring my brand perspective to the fast-paced agency world.  I started in the social media realm in 2007 at Upper Deck, a prominent sports and entertainment company, where I built social channels from the ground up and worked to integrate them into existing marketing plans.  In 2010, I joined the hospitality and travel industry, managing online marketing and social media efforts at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA.  In January of 2011, I ventured out and started my own social media consulting business, working with a wide array of clients from the medicine field, technology, real estate and non-profit organizations to help businesses leverage the power of social media.

Internet Marketing Inc Facebok

Now, as a part of Internet Marketing Inc., I am excited to bring my unique background to the team, to work with clients to catapult their business into social success through various social media channels.  By auditing a business initially to get a detailed feel for the company culture and existing marketing plans, our social media team then formulates a strategic plan with recommendations on which social channels make sense for each client.

When part of a strategic marketing plan, social media has the power to transform businesses, personifying the brand and cultivating brand advocates that ultimately lead to increased ROI.

Through polished, professional social pages, real-world events, and a strategic backbone to hold it all together, social media has the power to change the way people communicate about your brand.  People are talking about your business — it’s time to join in the conversation!   Click here to request a free consultation and to speak with someone from our social media team.

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