[IMI POV] The Rise & Power of Micro Moments: Consumer Behavior’s New Normal

rise and power of micro momentsWhat’s the buzz?

We now live life one micro moment at a time – whether we know it or not.

The world might just be moving to snippets – fleeting moments in time that are here and gone. Welcome to the new normal, where consumers are trying to consume as much information as possible, as fast as possible. This not only complicates the buyer’s decision journey, it also complicates the channels they’re engaging in.

Gone are the days where people dove into walls of text. Visuals aren’t even cool anymore. Now everything has to be video. The medium has brought content delivery to a new level. Consumers expect a rich, interactive experience and to make matters more complex – built for mobile. Every time. This gives them the ability to digest things at the quickest rate when in motion.

We will explore the following:

  • The rise of micro moments: what they are & why should you care
  • Moments in time that will make or break your next campaign
  • How to question your strategy through the lens of micro moments
  • Small & big executions tactics for testing to evolve around this consumer shift

Mobile has changed the marketing game.

Google predicts machine learning will disrupt every industry next. Brands that navigate this shift best will win.

With the rise of mobile taking over as the nucleus of consumer behavior, waiting is a thing of the past. This brings us to the rise of the Google-coined term “micro moments” as a new perspective on customer behavior or as they say, to “know, go, do and buy.”

Machine learning will, in fact, give us the key to designing exceptional customer experiences for everyday moments. This will require marketers to think through the lens of relevance, personalization and usefulness.

“We’re heading toward an age of assistance where, for marketers, friction will mean failure, and mass messages will increasingly mean “move on.”

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s SVP of Ads & Commerce

Of course, there will need to be shifts for every marketing agency and marketing brand team. The biggest emphasis will focus on being smart with data, building mobile experiences that truly delight and assist and embracing omnichannel through audience data and insights.

So, what this really means is shifting strategies, channels and even tactics, potentially daily basis, based on what the actual consumer data shows.

Much of the conversation Google has put forth is around the concept of “assistance.” We would add “delight” to the formula – because delivering on a good product or service is just as critical as being useful.

Think of your business in moments.

Let’s look at the concept of micro moments through the lens of a few different verticals.  

E-Commerce: Framing product messages with micro moments can drive new customers and repeat ones.

  1. How will this product fix my problem moment?
  2. What is the perfect gift for someone moment?
  3. Is this product going to make me feel good moment?
  4. Fulfill my retail therapy moment.
  5. Does this help my family moment?

Hospitality: Looking at the hotel experience through micro moments in time can help elevate unique value props to potential guests.

  1. Foodie looking for best restaurants in Vegas moment.
  2. Can I get upgraded if I’m seeing a concert at this hotel moment?
  3. Last-minute booking moments.
  4. I want to surprise my significant other moment.
  5. Quick weekend rendezvous moment.

Higher Education: Campus life is filled with moments that can help influence every stage of the student decision journey.

  1. How do I take a campus tour moments?
  2. It’s my first day of class moments.
  3. How do I buy the textbook I need moments?
  4. How does my son find an internship moments?
  5. What is the dining hall serving for dinner moments?

Questions for your current strategy:

  1. Are you focused on mobile-first experiences?
  2. Does everything you design start with informed audience and channel insights?
  3. Do your products or services have a low barrier to entry or unnecessary red tape?
  4. Does your messaging focus on relevance and advising potential and existing customers?

For every second delay in mobile page load, conversions can fall by up to 20%.

Next Steps | THINK LOCAL

Location matters more than ever. Context is everything. Consider how you can build local into your messaging, audience segmentation and even product offerings. Micro moments will be about brands having the answers, without the customer having to spell it out beforehand.

It’s going to be critical that interpreting and giving context to micro moment needs will be the new normal in the next 24 months.


How you assist your new and existing customers will impact how often they purchase and refer their friends to your brand. Taking an advisory role with prospects creates trust before they ever experience your product. Educating them on the overall solutions available to them (that of course your product fits into) helps them narrow down top choices.


Identify the complex mix of touch points that make up your buyer’s decision journey. Consider aligning these findings with your personas to better understand how real-world customer data is influencing the personas of your prospects.


Brainstorm with your entire team around all of the possible micro moments your products and services could potentially fit into and solve. The goal is fixing the problems that arise in these micro moments – which very well could be that someone really wants to impulsively buy new sheets or take an online class!


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