[IMI POV] Google My Business Enables Quick URL Edit Feature

Google My Business Enables Quick URL Edit FeatureAs of August 2017, Google My Business (GMB) added a feature that allows local businesses in specific categories to add their own links in the knowledge graph to make it easier for customers to take action directly from your listing. Popular links include:

    •  Placing an order
    •  Reserving a table
    •  Searching for items
    •  Viewing the menu

Google may already have some of these URLs auto-populated.  In those cases, GMB owners cannot edit the URLs.

IMI Recommends: Local businesses should take advantage of these options as it can help users achieve the desired result more easily. When adding a URL, we recommend making sure the URL contains UTM tracking (or an equivalent) to understand where and how your searchers came to visit the page or link. Here is a link to  Google Analytics Campaign Builder.

How to Edit URL ListingsHow to Add the URLs to a listing:

      • Sign in to Google My Business.
      • Choose the listing you want to ed (If you’re using card view, you’ll need to click Manage location, then click Info from the menu).
      • Click into the URLs sec Depending on your business category, you may see options to add additional URLs.
      • Enter your URLs into the appropriate field
      • Click App


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