[IMI POV] The End of Convertro Means a Rise in Opportunity for Customized Attribution Solutions

convertro and analytics updateEarlier this month, it was communicated that Oath will be phasing out Convertro by the end of 2018. The message received directly from a representative at Oath (Convertro) to IMI is as follows:

Oath is building a unified and differentiated global advertising platform, which will integrate attribution and measurement capabilities to best serve their customers. As a result, Oath has made the decision to sunset the Convertro brand. Oath made this decision in line with their go-forward business strategy, and they remain committed to building brands people love while serving their one billion users around the world.

IMI’s service contract with Oath is valid until December 31st, 2018. After that, the partnership will be dissolved. Oath eventually will focus on a new venture in ad tech (a DSP) and will offer attribution related to activity within their channels only.

While the immediate impact to IMI clients is minimal, there will be changes in attribution reporting. The good news is that it introduces an increased opportunity for more customized attribution strategies and solutions. Read the full report to learn more about the update and proposed action plan by downloading the POV.

Download The POV

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