[IMI POV] Chrome Extension Security Upgrade

Chrome Extension Security Updates

The Chrome security team announced they are marking HTTP pages as “Not Secure” beginning October 2017, for all input fields. This warning will show for users entering data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.

Google reported that there was a 23% reduction in the navigation to HTTP pages with a password or credit card form on desktop from an older update in early 2017 which also marked pages as “Not Secure”. That is certainly a noteworthy impact.

Google supports and will continue to push for secure pages. In August 2014, Google announced HTTPS as a ranking factor, and this has continued to rise in the rankings since then. According to Moz.com’s data, in April 2017, around 50% of pages ranking on the first page are HTTPS. They are forecasting that HTTPS results on page one will near 65% by December 2017.Chrome Extension security upgrades

At some point, all non-secure web pages will include the “Not Secure” warning in Chrome. Google is always testing with different features within SERPs as well. We think Google will test these “Not Secure” notifications outside of the Chrome browser, and within the search result pages themselves.

IMI Recommends: Invest in HTTPS because it avoids the “Not Secure” warning in Chrome, is a ranking factor, helps build trust with users, is more secure, and improves page load times.


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