IMI Nominated For The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice-Bucket Challenge has infiltrated all social channels and news feeds. This viral call to action has been met by celebrities, companies, and individuals all enthusiastic to make a public statement to support furthering treatment for the detrimental disease: ALS. Completing the challenge sanctions the ability to nominate others to participate, who subsequently have 24 hours to complete the challenge or donate to ALS. This nomination process has created an exponentially growing web of individuals and groups who have completed the challenge, therefore growing awareness, and donations.

A big thank you to Zenni Optical for not only nominating Internet Marketing Inc. to take on the Ice-Bucket Challenge, but for participating with such enthusiasm and environmental awareness. Since 63% of California is in extreme drought, Zenni Optical’s water-conserving fulfillment of the challenge inspired Internet Marketing Inc. to accept the challenge, and creatively conserve water as well. As we accepted and completed the challenge, we are excited to announce that Moz, SEOClarity, and LinkResearchTools are now officially nominated!  We look forward to seeing how they choose to participate.

From July 25, 2014 – August 27, 2014, ALS Association has received 94.3 million in donations, a resource that the ALSA takes very seriously. The average life expectancy of an individual diagnosed with ALS is a mere 2-5 years from the time of diagnosis, and as a disease with no geographical, economical, or social concentration, these donations are truly used to make the entire world a more habitable place— because everyone is at risk for ALS. As 15 new cases of ALS are diagnosed every day, we are hopeful and excited to see how this revolution plays a part in defeating ALS by growing the life expectancies and lowering the daily diagnoses.

The video below is Internet Marketing Inc.’s participation in the Ice-Bucket Challenge. We look forward to the participation of our nominees and to see how ALS can become a disease only read about in history books.

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  1. Mike Lopez

    Ok, that was different… still cool.

    Would have been awesome though if Benj got ice-cold-wet for the second time. 🙂



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