How IMI Helped WORX® Drive Over $1,000,000 In Digital Revenue in Just Four Days [Case Study]

worx case studyAs marketing professionals continue to allocate and shift budget towards digital channels, it is crucial for agencies and brands to anticipate trends and formulate highly targeted campaigns. With increased competition, how can marketers cut through the noise and capitalize during high seasonality?

IMI often faces these challenges with our clients, but as a full-service digital marketing agency, IMI has the versatility to leverage multichannel, integrated strategies.

WORX®, an e-commerce company with established competitors in the yard and power tool market, sought to connect with their target market during the most competitive e-commerce peaks of the year: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday.

The digital marketing success story in the following case study is provided to encourage the advancement of multichannel media plans to drive measurable return on investment. We have embraced the idea that competition inspires creativity. See how IMI surpassed the competition and generated over $1,000,000 in digital revenue over Thanksgiving weekend as a result.


WORX is an innovative division of Positec that provides business-to-consumer yard and do-it-yourself tools. WORX partnered with IMI for digital strategy and execution.

Campaign Purpose

WORX partnered with IMI as their digital AOR. As part of that engagement, they sought to connect with consumers over Thanksgiving weekend, a key buying period within their vertical. To increase sales, IMI launched integrated digital marketing campaigns for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday that improve business-critical key performance indicators and drive overall revenue, while maintaining margins.

Our Challenge

IMI had to cut through the noise and competition during the largest e-commerce peak of the year. To gain share of voice in the market, IMI leveraged multichannel digital marketing and integrated direct response strategies.

Strategies & Tactics

Quote-from-WORXMapping the Journey: IMI executed a full-funnel approach by targeting users at all stages of the consumer journey. They developed multiple messages, creatives and tactics to engage multiple audiences; from those with limited or no brand awareness to site visitors who showed intent by cart activity, but who did not convert. IMI utilized programmatic display, Facebook and non-brand search campaigns by product line.

Site Optimization and Content: IMI identified pages associated with products included in the holiday promotion. These pages received content, on-page, and internal link optimizations to improve organic ranking results prior to the holiday period. The integrated teams reviewed landing pages for co-optimization opportunities that increased quality scores and drove down cost per clicks.

Remarketing Efforts: IMI produced direct-to-buy messaging for users that already visited the site. If the user viewed or added a specific product to the shopping cart, they saw that exact product image and price across all platforms in the form of dynamic remarketing.

Cross-Device Targeting: IMI ensured that ad messaging could be delivered across all devices. If a user visited on their mobile and later signed on to desktop, IMI’s ad reminded them of the product they were looking for. Cross-device platforms utilized included: Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Demand-Side Platforms.

Optimize for Paid & Organic: IMI targeted specific product and performance-based keywords across paid search, social ads and organic search to saturate the search engine results pages and maximize share of voice.







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