IMI Hosts Google Engage Thought Leadership Event

On Tuesday, March 5th IMI invited some of our local clients in house for an exciting thought-leadership event sponsored by Google called Google Engage. Our clients watched a compelling 2 hour live broadcast from Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. As a partner agency to Google, we were delighted to be included in the first ever Google Engage for Agencies event.  Speakers such as Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP for Americas Marketing, discussed how businesses can grow in this digital age and reach more customers online.  Below are the key takeaways from this event.

Internet Marketing Inc. and Google EngageReach Customers at the Zero Moment of Truth

During the session, we were introduced to ZMOT – the Zero Moment of Truth: that instant when customers open their laptops, pick up their smartphones or their tablets, and search the web. They may read a review, look for a coupon, watch a video, or read a blog before making a purchase. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can reach shoppers more often at the right time, in the right place, and with the right content.

At the Zero Moment of Truth, today’s shoppers bounce back and forth at their own unique way in a multi-channel marketplace. They switch devices to suit their needs at any given moment.

The challenge for businesses today is to meet customers where they are online with exactly what they are looking for. For example, regarding YouTube videos, it is a much younger audience curating the content and determining what is cool. So if your target audience is on YouTube, running True View video ads would be a good way to reach them.

You also want to make sure your brand messaging is consistent across TV, tablets and mobile phones and create a good experience on all devices.  So, what can you do to appeal to this growing tablet audience at ZMOT? Find ways to give shoppers the information they want at the time they want it online. Do they want reviews and ratings? If so, a simple way to reach them is to write ad copy that boasts, “Five stars on Yelp.”  You want to give the users what they are looking for by answering  their questions in your content and ad copy. You can also build relationships with your customers through videos, Google Plus hangouts, and social media.

Reaching Your Customers through Mobile and Tablets

Website traffic from tablets and mobile devices increases every day. Therefore, you want to be sure to create tablet-friendly ads and use them in tablet-targeted campaigns. As the Google Mobile Playbook notes, a paid ad that states: “Shop now from your tablet” is a stronger call to action than “Shop online.”

While images on iPhone listings are very small, they also play a big role in leading to conversions. Through eye tracking, Google researchers could tell that users would pause on a listing with positive reviews, then look at the image before making their decision to click or not.

MAT™ – Multi-Attribution Technology

With customers finding your website through so many different channels, it is essential to segment out where they are coming from and trace the click path they used to see what made them buy a product.

If you’re just relying on the last click, you’re missing out on a whole lot of information about user behavior.  Our MAT™ , or multi attribution analytics tool  tracks all the marketing sources that customers are exposed to before making a purchase, thus measuring the success of each digital campaign.

Couples Resorts is a client of ours who has a successful fully integrated digital marketing campaign with Display, SEO, SEM, and Social Media campaigns.  Through using our MAT™ technology, we found that display media is a great introducer to the website.  MAT™ helps us understand the performance of each digital marketing campaign by reporting on the introducers, the influencers, and the closers.

Brent Gleeson At Google Engage Event

How Our Google Partnership Can Help You

So what can IMI as an agency help you with?  We work with our Google Reps to help our clients reach their goals. Google provides us with a vast amount of data, tools, and education.  Our Google reps help IMI by providing us with their own market research and data of online habits across many industries. We use this information to create a strategy that leads to optimal results for our clients.  For example, Google researchers found that users really pay attention to social signals like reviews.  They found that listings that averaged three or more stars in reviews took 41 out of 47 clicks. Also, the volume of reviews matters. 29 of 47 clicks went to listings that had at least four reviews.

As Google releases new tools and research, we are the some of the first to know.  We help our clients implement these new trends and tools and link their campaigns together across multiple channels.

We also help businesses to engage with their users. At IMI we have a comprehensive data-driven approach to internet marketing.  With our tools, partnerships, and expertise we extract data from all of our clients’ digital channels to help understand user behavior, create content that meets their needs, and ultimately increase ROI and bottom line.

At our Google Engage event, our audience walked away with valuable knowledge and enthusiasm. We look forward for the next Google Engage event and hope to see you there.

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