4 Takeaways from HUG18 SD Inbound Conference

Liberty Station, San Diego, CA - Location of HUG18HUG18, hosted by SD Inbound Marketing, was held on April 12, 2018 at Liberty Station in San Diego, CA. This one-day, inbound marketing conference included top-name speakers and workshop-style sessions. Marketers and brands were invited to learn, network, and leave with actionable direction.

#1: Take Time to Meditate

Tanya Schroeder started the day with mindful meditation, a practice more and more workplaces are introducing to their teams. Meditation is a short, impactful exercise for the mind that leads to improved productivity and reduced stress.

Takeaway: Meditation doesn’t have to take up a lot of time and can be done at your desk or in a conference room.

#2: Maintain Communication Among Your Team Regarding Industry Trends

Opening keynote speaker, Mari Smith, is no stranger to the digital marketing world and customer experience. She’s spoken at several conferences nationwide about Facebook marketing. Her presentation focused mostly on artificial intelligence or AI and how she is incorporating the strategy for her clients mainly by using the Facebook Messenger app.

Takeaway: Talk with your team to understand if AI makes sense for you. No one likes to be behind the trends, but in some cases, it doesn’t hurt to take an extra pause and decide if it serves your specific marketing needs. Also, keep in mind with AI, you still need to have a copywriter to work with your development team for prompted responses.

#3: Encourage Everyone to Contribute Their Voice

Impact CEO, Bob Ruffalo, delivered a presentation that served as a loose case study of his company. He demonstrated how he grew his organization, production, and client base, mainly through content. One of the key factors he highlighted was the emphasis on employee contribution.

Takeaway: Supporting your company’s brand is just as important as the client work you produce. Work with your team and supervisors to find where it makes sense to reduce billable time to contribute to internal marketing efforts.

#4: Nurture Leads Through Customization

Jordan Pritikin from Hubspot gave a highly informative, step-by-step presentation about how to nurture leads through email and content marketing. His approach is reflective of the type of presentations Hubspot provides both online and in-person through their representatives.

Takeaway: Take the time to lay the framework for your campaign before diving in. For lead generation and lead nurturing, this requires audience segmentation, vertical- or audience-specific content, and automated workflows to keep the user engaged, informed, and moving to the next phase of the funnel or timeline.

The success of inbound marketing relies on several factors, including testing new segments and strategies. When it comes to creating a marketing strategy for your company, it has to be customized based on your campaign goals and overall company needs.

You can improve your marketing and customer experience by following these simple takeaways and continuing to learn what drives both your business and audience.

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