How will the iPhone 4s "Siri" Program Affect SEO?

With the recent release of the iPhone 4S by Apple, buyers are swarming the stores in hopes of using the new “Siri” feature. This new software that comes standard with the iPhone 4S gives the ability to make commands verbally. This includes sending texts, asking for directions, and setting calendar reminders, etc.

How does this affect SEO?

However, one feature of this new software that is raising concerns for SEO is the application to search for specific products and services by voice command. This means that a user can verbally ask “Find me a Taxi” and the Siri program will search for a list of the most relevant and closest set of results that apply to that question. For SEO this is a problem because Siri does not offer results from an organic Google search, but merely search for the closest local business (basically searching through the yellow pages instead of using Google). Because of this, iPhone 4S users will never see any PPC advertisements thus skip the entire SEO process of a search.

Unfortunately the Apple Company is not offering any information on the exact process of the Siri search but there are some noted ways of keeping your company Search engine optimized even through a Siri Search. For starters, make sure your company is optimized for local search and easy to identify by location. Keeping your location a priority will help Siri to find you organically in a search for situations when users are looking for a product or service and your company happens to be close to that user.

Next make sure you company’s website is mobile friendly. By offering a mobile site that is also accessed by your company’s main website, Siri can detect your information faster. Of course if you company does not have an actively working mobile site, it is best to keep your current website free of data obstruction such as an over use of imagery and programs using flash to frequently. This makes it easier to access your information through a mobile device, which helps Siri to access your information easily as well.

And finally it is always wise to make sure you have a strong social media presence. Having people talk about your product via Facebook, or even review based web sites help make your company’s name more common and thus strikes Siri’s interest.  This will help keep your company be SEO savvy while making sure you keep up with the strong influence of mobile devices.

Will online marketing still be a strong influence?

Although these are only a few tricks, it is still helpful to use to ensure your company doesn’t get left behind and lost in this new Siri program. On a final note, keep in mind that SEO and PPC are still the best ways of bringing your company business through online influence but in this world of ever changing technology it is always wise to stay up to date.

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