How To Utilize Facebook Timeline For Your Brand

While all individual users of Facebook are being coerced into the switch to Timeline for their personal profiles, sources say it is only a matter of time before brand pages too make the transition. Some say February 29th is the expected date that Timeline will be released to Facebook Brand Pages. In the likelihood of this event we want to prepare you and your marketing company in finding the best way to gain brand awareness through the social media platform.

5 Changes To Take Advantage Of:

  1. Telling A Story: Just like we are now telling our own life story (when we moved, started college, had a baby, etc.) brands will be able to tell their story in a larger sense. From an internet marketing business perspective, it would be wise to share events such as a significant promotion within your company, a new service introduction, or a big move to a larger office.
  2. Eye-Catching Cover Photo:  This will be the first, and largest, image your fans will see. It appears like a banner at the top of your page (at 840 x 310 pixels). Now this is your chance at free advertising space, so use it wisely. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming event, sales, or importing an image from your business’ website; be sure the image is eye-catching with a personal twist.
  3. More Than Just “Like”:  The “like” button on Facebook has proven to be a great hit over the past year so of course they [Facebook] are pushing out yet another advancement, this time – more action buttons. Fans will now be able to interact more with your brand and “love”, “want”, or “own” a product, along with a selection of other verbs.  Get ready to be blown up with notifications over this new feature but also anxious to see who your true die-hard fans are.
  4. A World of Apps: Facebook’s Apps feature has already been implemented for brand pages and will appear at the top of a fans timeline upon downloading (along with any of their interactions of the app).  Web marketing companies should think of creating an app for their SEM services, for example. This will help integrate your brand into your fans timeline, thus creating more visibility.
  5. Photos More Important: If you have already checked out a Facebook Timeline profile, then you should have noticed the larger emphasis on a user’s pictures. Timeline is now set up to have your posted photos stand out more, which attracts a lot more attention.  So when you’re posting a status update, consider posting a photo with it in order to grab the fans attention quickly and efficiently.

So when the time comes for brand pages to make the switch to Facebook Timeline what are other ways your company will be taking advantage of the new layout?

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