How to Transfer All Your Facebook Pictures to Google+

More and more Facebook users have found a new home in Google+, but have been stumped by a single problem: where did all my pictures go? On Facebook, the amount of photos that people have been tagged in usually outweighs the amount of photos that someone has uploaded himself or herself. For the person that relies on getting most of their pictures from other friend’s albums, this poses a problem.

Recently there have been multiple methods on how to transport your Facebook pictures to Google+ that have proved to make this moving processed a little bit easier. Out of all of the methods that I tested, the easiest and most efficient one I discovered was posted on For this process all you have to do is download either the Google Chrome or Firefox add-ons that I have placed below and follow the guided instructions on how to transfer you Facebook pictures.

Download Photo Importer for Google+ (Firefox)

– Download Photo Importer for Google+ (Chrome)


  1. Download and install the add-on from the link above (simply drag the file onto the Firefox window to install)
  2. Navigate to within a Facebook photo album which you would like to transfer to your Google+ account
  3. Enter a name for the album in the text box on your brand spanking new photo-importer toolbar.

  4. Click ‘make album’
  5. At this point, you may repeat the last 3 steps with as many different Facebook albums as you want
  6. When you have recorded the information of all the albums you wish to import to Google+, click ‘submit all albums’
  7. You will be brought back to and given a link to login to your Google account
  8. Once you have logged in to Google we will begin processing your photos, upon completion we will give you a link to your new albums on Google
  9. AND YOU’RE DONE!!! Don’t you just feel all warm inside now?
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