How to Socialize an Influencer Event


Social media creates an opportunity for people to discover, interact, and advocate brands through online conversations. Every day, users turn to various social platforms to learn about the latest trends, share their real time experiences, or connect with people and brands around the world. That’s because social media is an outlet where users naturally want to communicate. Users flock to to find out what face wash their favorite blogger swears by, play with the latest Snapchat lens, share their #whole30 dinner, or voice their opinion on the T-Swift vs. Kanye debate (#IStandWithTaylor). (Editor’s note: #ButKanyeHasaPoint)

While most of these conversations and interactions happen online, what happens when you bring people together in real life? (Gasp! We know you prefer hiding behind your screen…) But in all seriousness, how do you encourage people to naturally share and communicate on social media during IRL events? Better yet, what happens when you bring together a group of influencers with significant social followings and captivated audiences? How do you encourage this group of socially savvy, highly influential individuals to share?

After attending various conferences, blogger meet ups, and media events, I have gathered a few tips from the pros on ways to encourage influencers to share on social media during events.

5 Tips to Socialize an Influencer Event

  1. Make Handles & Hashtags Easy to Find

Make it as easy as possible for people to know which handles to tag and which hashtags to use. Create flyers, posters, or signs that can be easily seen throughout the event.


Image via Stephanie Suire

  1. Make the Event “Camera Ready”

Bloggers and influencers want to share on social. 6.7M people publish blogs on website and another 12M post using their social networks. However, they need to make sure that what they share is consistent with their brand look & feel. Therefore, it’s important to set up the environment to be “camera ready.” Add special touches like props, table cloths, lighting, and decor to encourage bloggers to capture those moments and share them with their fans.


Image via Hello To Fit


Image via Whitney English


Image via A Cup of Kellen

  1. Set Up Photo Booths

In addition to crafting an Insta-worthy environment, photo booths can also encourage attendees to easily snap and share their pics on social. The Yellow Conference created a highly customized backdrop and used Smilebooth to generate photos that could also be shared in real time during the event.



Images via Yellow Conference


Image via The Jen Levin


Image via Yoga Fits Me

  1. Create a Custom Snapchat Geofilter

You get 24 hours of fame with this network so make it count. Create a custom Snapchat Geofilter that attendees can use throughout the event which will help increase awareness for your brand. Social Studio Shop explains how to make them plus 16 creative ways to use them here.


Coffee and Convos used Snapchat Geofilters to celebrate their launch party!

Image via Coffee and Convos

  1. Add “Take Home” Value

Encourage conversations to happen with bloggers or influencers even after the event by giving them highly curated swag bags. This may lead to more mentions, potential product reviews, and higher engagement rates.


Image via The Yellow Conference


Image via Coach Debbie Runs


Vital Proteins was a brand sponsor at BlogFest this year so they gave every attendee their Collagen Peptides powder. Here is an example of a blogger mentioning it and incorporating it into a recipe even after the event took place.

Image via Erin’s Inside Job

We highly encourage you to incorporate these tips into your event strategy to take advantage of the potential social conversations and brand awareness opportunities. As a reminder, social media is a two way conversation so make sure to like, comment, and share the content published during and after the event.

How do you plan on using these tips to socialize your next event?

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