Effective Email Newsletter Creation

Email is a powerful Internet email marketing tool and a cost-effective approach to communicating with your target audience. It allows you to engage with your customers on a regular basis and to connect with prospective customers who are almost interested in your offerings. Here are a few pointers to increase the likelihood of your email being open, read, and simply avoiding the trash bin.

Before you start, ask yourself:
What is your goal?

What is the message you wish to convey?
•    Deliver only ONE message.
•    Make it clear and concise.
•    The purpose should be detailed in the first paragraph, which keeping sentences short and to the point.

What are you marketing?
•    Include call to action i.e. phone call, link to website.
•    Mention your value proposition over the competitors.

How are you going to connect with your audience to what you are marketing?
•    Personalize your email i.e. include the name of the subscriber in the greeting.
•    Make your content interesting to your reader.
•    Offer tips and advice i.e. ‘How Tos’.
•    Make it interactive i.e. include a relevant video or a poll.

The Subject Line
A subject line is your headliner. Therefore it needs to capture the attention of your audience. Your subject line should connect with your audience on an intimate level. Ensure that the subject line is useful, relevant and informative to the message you are conveying in your email. This will increase the likelihood of your email being read.

The Content
Establish a tone, write with a friendly voice and avoid sounding like a sales person. Your email content should be direct and informative containing pertinent information about your message. Be sure to include your full contact information.

The paragraphs should contain no more than 3 sentences. If you are trying to convey something in more detail, include a link to your website for more details.

If you have case studies or testimonials, share it in your email. Utilizing customer feedback and experiences can entice your audience to want to relate. Additionally, it is a trust factor and builds confidence in your brand as if a best friend told them so.

The Visuals
The graphics and images used in an email should be used sparingly but effectively. For quick download, all visuals should be optimized. They should be relevant and give an illustration about your message. If your company has earned trust logos, be sure to add to these trust logos to your newsletter footer.<–>

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