How The NFL Uses Social Media To Reach Fans

With the recent NFL blackout threat finally put to rest, football fans are finding NFL players using all means of marketing their teams. And more popular method that has been taking off is the use of social media. NFL players can “Tweet” their take on a game while sports commentators can submit Facebook posts discussing current stats. With over 4 million NFL Facebook fans, and a 144% increase in fan content since last year, it is easy to see how NFL is taking advantage of social media to their benefit.

How does this help bring revenue?

This year’s kick off alone sparked a new record for the amount of social media attention it brought online. And while the NFL company originally tried to focus on using social media to bring traffic to the website, players are now finding that the best way to reach their fans is through a social outlet. This increases playful competition between teams, offering more traffic to fantasy football leagues and more online purchases on merchandise. Overall the NFL and NFL players are noticing an increase in revenue across the board.

So who is using social media the most?

Surprisingly a large fan base comes from the New York Jets for their emphasis in using social media to their advantage. But in terms of demographics it turns out the audience is completely across the board, including all ages, gender, race, and income. It goes to show that when you’re devoted you will utilize any means of connecting to your interest. More importantly this shows  how social media is becoming a great marketing method or bringing in new forms of revenue.

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NFL and Twitter working together
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