How Prepared are the Top 10 Fortune Companies in Running a Mobile Website?

How many times have you accessed the web through your smart phone lately?  I bet you can’t even keep track of it.  Consumers are believed to be madly in love of their smartphones these days.  In the past few years, we have seen a huge increase on sales of smartphones worldwide.  According to Jason Spero, Google’s head of mobile sales, 38% percent of the total population in the United States is now smartphone owners.  95% of these owners generally used their smartphones for mobile search. Jason Spero also anticipated that about 1 billion people would use their mobile phones as their primary tool for internet usage by the end of this year.   So how prepared are businesses for this change?  Are their sites mobile ready?  Have they prepared a much stronger internet marketing campaign that would utilize the fast growth of mobile user enthusiasts?

I conducted a little visit to the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies’ websites to see if they are mobile ready and surprisingly, I found out that only 4 out of top 10 companies are mobile ready: Walmart, General Motors, Bank of America, and Ford.  I found their mobile sites very user friendly and easy to access.  These are companies that use the internet and marketing towards end consumers, and having a mobile ready site helps them reach their target demographic easier.

Though the other top 6 companies’ sites (Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Fannie Mae, General Electric, and Berkshire Hathaway) were accessible through mobile, they are not mobile friendly and I found them hard to explore.   It is understandable if some of these B2B companies do not target mobile users since they are not selling a product or service to end consumers. There is probably no need for it now, but in some small way, if these businesses really want to maximize the experience to their target audience, then creating a mobile ready site is not a bad idea.  For example, an investment holdings company like Berkshire Hathaway having a mobile friendly view of related financial news and stock price updates would really be beneficial to their investors.

There are no more questions that businesses have to go mobile.  By creating a more effective search marketing campaign, they have a bigger opportunity of reaching a much wider demographic.  But this potential success might not start unless they accept the idea of creating a mobile ready site.  With the overwhelming success of the mobile industry these days, businesses should really consider operating in the mobile world more.  So if you are a business, get started and create a mobile ready site.  Do not miss out on this great opportunity and soon your business would benefit from all the love that this huge mobile community is giving.


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