How Do We Get Away from ROI to Focus on Brand Value?

brand value - ROI puzzle pieceROI is and always will be one of the top metrics any brand will track. The concept of understanding how much brand value you’re getting from what you’re putting in needs to be quantifiable and profitable. After all, there are financial responsibilities every company must maintain in order to be successful while building brand equity.

The goal isn’t to choose ROI over another metric, but instead, use it as a driving force for other KPIs, such as engagement, website traffic, and other signals. These all demonstrate how well an audience is interested and/or aligned with your company initiatives.

By focusing on your company’s value at the brand level, the result will produce a better ROI to meet the financial goals set. Each campaign should have its own set of reporting metrics.

ROI won’t necessarily always be at the top. It’s best to outline the goals of how you want your campaign to perform, how you will be measuring brand equity, and how much of a role ROI plays in the strategy.

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