How Dense is Too Dense?

We have all heard the saying “Content is King”.  Unique content, both on page and off page, is one of the key factors for implementing a strong ongoing organic search engine optimization campaign.  That said, Internet marketers and companies seeking a professional Internet marketing company always want to know what the formula is for SEO content writing and proper use of keywords.  There really is no true formula but there are guidelines to be followed to ensure the use of best practices and avoid getting penalized.

  • How much content is required? Again, there is no formula for this and achieving good rankings will depend on the industry, competitiveness of keywords, competitor rankings, etc.  You really can’t have too much content but it must be valuable, well written, and use keywords properly.
  • How many keywords should be used? The best practice is to focus first on well written content that is easy to read and offers true value to the user experince.  Even if the content is in a “resources” section that doesn’t get much traffic, you need to pretend that the Google spiders are readers that want to see value.  Use keywords three to five times per page.  If you do more than this it can cause keyword stuffing filters to activate and the page will not be seen as relevant.  You can also look at it as a percentage.  About 5% of the total words on the page should be keywords.
  • How many different keywords can be used on a page or in a given article? The best idea is to use one or two keywords (or phrases) per page.  You do not always want to use the same exact keyword but rather use variations of that word or phrase.  If you try to diversify the keywords too much on a given page the search engines will not know what to put value on and skip over the page.
  • Where should the keywords appear in the content/on the page? Keywords should be evenly scattered throughout the content.  You can have keywords closer to the top of the page through the proper placement of title tags, H1,H2, etc.
  • What pages should content be placed on? A good Internet marketing campaign using SEO will have both on page and off page content.  On page content can be displayed in a few different ways.  There should be content on the pages you want to place in the SERPs (and the page where you will be performing the bulk of the SEO).  You also should have other articles, blogs, etc. throughout the site that use keywords that link back to the page that the content is supporting.  For example, if you have a page selling backpacks you should have content on that page relevant to the product.  You could also have blogs or articles on other pages that use keywords relevant to the product.  Those keywords can then be linked back to the page you want to rank.  We will discuss back linking more in another blog post.  The off page content can come in the form of press releases, forums, and blogs from other sites.  This content should follow the same practices and use keywords sparingly.  For them to be effective, the proper use of backlinking is imperative.
  • How well written does the content need to be? As good as possible.  The search engines are getting smarter by the day so the better the content and the more value it adds, the safer you will be…and the happier the Google spiders will be!

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