How can I optimize my Google Places Maps listing to show up in multiple cities?

It’s a common question I get from small business owners who have a physical presence in one city but want to also be found in other cities around the U.S. How can they show up in Google Places results in other cities if their actual, physical business, is not located in those cities? The short answer is you can’t. To Google, local is local. So, if you own a business in San Diego and you want to show up in local search results in New York, Google won’t allow this because your business is not local and relevant to people who live in New York.

I understand why local business owners ask this question often. The rise of Google Places search results over organic results provides the small business owner with the opportunity to compete against larger chains or companies who can afford to pay thousands and thousands of dollars a month on organic SEO. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, Google doesn’t permit this.

But, there are some Black Hat tactics that some unethical online marketers use to get around Google’s guidelines. In this video, I’ll show you two of these Black Hat tactics so you are aware of what your competition may be doing. I highly discourage you to implement these techniques yourself. It isn’t worth it.

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