Hotel Marketing Ideas for Spring Break 2019

As a new season emerges so does the influx of travelers in the late March, early April months. Spring breakers will be flying to exotic locations in search of warmer temperatures, sandy beaches, and carefree days. TSA projects passenger screenings of approximately 107 million between March 14 and April 28, a slight increase from last year’s spring break traveling time. With so many people on the move to their vacation spots, it’s an opportunity for hotels to step up their marketing to connect before, during, and after Spring Break 2019.

Many hotels have already ramped up advertising to incorporate Spring Break deals into their current ad placement opportunities. It’s important to remember to personalize messaging as much as possible and create excitement around properties that are in the top Spring Break locations, such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, the Bahamas, and even locally, in the Florida Keys or South Texas. There’s still time to capitalize on this high traffic time and create hotel marketing ideas that could reap benefits for the rest of the year.

Split Experiences for Different Demographics

The largest group that hotels hone in on for Spring Break is the college crowd. The 18-24 age Spring Break marketing demographic is one that is scheduled for a week off for fun in the sun. Create a persona of this demographic to create a sample itinerary and coordinate ads with what that entails.

For example, you likely already have ads running for special hotel discounts. However, also consider why someone in this age range would select your hotel versus another. Do you have any special events happening the week of Spring Break? What about customized services to make them feel like VIPs for the week, like all-inclusive options or specialized treatment packages for spa services or resort-style amenities.

Alternatively, the other main group of people who are traveling during this period are families. When schools go on Spring Break, typically families plan to leave town to spend time together. Is your hotel a family-friendly resort? Is it located near amusement parks or other family-friendly attractions. Think about what parents are considering when selecting a Spring Break spot: budget, room space, meals, and activities. Create ads and messaging that speak to these specific amenities and highlights them for family-specific individuals.

Don’t put your eggs in one marketing basket, so to speak. Your ideas should cover all audiences who are guests of your property.

Seasonal Dinner or Live Entertainment Options

Let the ideas flow when it comes to creating a special experience for your guests. This may include a hosted happy hour, onsite entertainment, or a unique dinner presentation as part of the offerings. Choose ideas that will create a memorable time for your guests while onsite but will encourage guests to leave positive reviews or share their experience with others after they leave to help your brand expand on its hotel reputation management.

Plan a few events and gauge what’s successful and repeat, when applicable. Do you have a remarkable on-property chef? Create seasonal dinner options. Does top talent request a tour stop at your property? Make a list of all options and offer experiences travelers can look forward to when they visit your property.

March Madness Hosting Party

There are several themes to choose from in March and April, so think of what makes the most sense for your property, location, and audience. For example, if your property is in a March Madness hosting city, capitalize on this excitement by offering discounts, food and drink specials, and game day packages, to answer the needs of college basketball fans.

Easter is also an event that you can incorporate into your hotel marketing offerings, if you’re geared at families traveling for the season. Schedule an onsite egg hunt or photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny as a fun, family-friendly opportunity. Again, as you brainstorm hotel marketing ideas, think about your audience targeting. The more customized you can make it for those demographics, the better.

Cater to the influx of Spring Break travelers and make it a memory they won’t soon forget. Implementing these hotel marketing ideas not only attract those still deciding where to stay, but will encourage repeat guests in the future if they like what you have to offer.

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