Homes and Websites

When one builds a house, you need a solid foundation and a good development team so that your home can withstand all types of weather and it will conform to all city restrictions and deeds.  Also, you want it done right the first time.  You don’t want to call back the contractor and have him redo anything again.  You paid your entire development team to build your home correctly and the only time you should call the contractor back is when you wish to add that new wing.

The same principles apply to creating a website.  Your firm should hire an reputable Internet marketing company to develop your site for you.  Yes, there are some applications you can use to build a site on your own but why would you risk building a site that may not be built correctly?  Would you build your own house if you read a book on how to build a house for beginners?  Probably not.  So why would you not hire a professional internet marketing firm to build your site?  Building a site is like building a home.  You probably don’t need as many trees but you still need to follow certain guidelines.  Internet marketing companies know these types of guidelines to follow and can make solid recommendations about your site should you want to make a solid ROI.  Your website should be the most valuable asset to your company next to your employees.  Your site is a symbol of your company that needs to be respected and cherished.  Don’t cheat yourself or your company – invest in your site because like your home, this will hopefully be forever.

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