Hello, My Name Is…

I’ve always wondered how people come up with their company name and have made note of certain trends. Many financial institutions name their company after the last names of executives. Many internet based companies have a name that means nothing but sounds web savvy ie: TechCrunch, Mashable, Technorati. Day Spas name their company something that sounds relaxing ie: Revive, Rejuve, Tranquil. Some companies such as Internet Marketing Inc. have a name that describes exactly what they do and then there are companies with names that are completely random.

Your company name plays a role in your overall branding strategy, marketing campaign and sets the tone for how many perceive your business. When creating a company name some of the most important things to keep in mind include:

Can the name be spelled?-
There are many words people are prone to misspell ie: Words where the “I” may come before “E” except after “C” etc. If your company name is commonly misspelled then keep this in mind when doing keyword research for SEO and PPC. You might even need to include misspelled versions in your campaign and purchase domains with the misspelled version that directs back to your homepage.

Can the name be pronounced?- If your name is commonly mispronounced then people will also have a hard time spelling it when entering it in search engines. You can structure your marketing campaign to include many audible elements so people get used to hearing the pronunciation. You can integrate videos on your website. You can also run radio commercials that direct people back to your website and embed MP3s of the commercials on your website.

Does the name describe what you do?– There are so many choices for brands that it’s important your marketing campaign really sends a clear message about your company. If your company name has nothing to do with the product or service you offer then it’s even more important to develop a strategic branding campaign so people are used to associating your company name with your specific service or product.

Whether you’re just starting a business or have been around for a while, it’s always a good idea to work with an Internet Marketing Company that can also help you with brand consulting for your business plan. If you want to know more about using your company name to strategically brand and market your company, please contact me!

Melodie Tao

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