Healthy SEO Pays Off

In a world where Google and all the search engines change their algorithims frequently, it is imperative that sites use healthy SEO tactics and never try to cheat the search engines. By building links slowly, writing unique content, and having your site structure abide by Google guidelines that is all one should really do. By trying to trick the search engines with gateway pages, trading links, or building links too fast you are only going to hurth the rankings of your site. Internet Marketing Inc is a great example of healthy SEO. Previously known as 3K Interactive, the company acquired the domain only a few months ago. By properly following all Google guidelines this url is moving up nicely in the search engines. The main term that the company focuses on is “Internet Marketing Company.” It is already number 3 in MSN, and around number 14 in Yahoo and Google. Less than 1 month ago, the company was over 100 in all the search engines, but with proper SEO techniques rankings will happen with patience. I have seen many companies move up to the second page of Google and then try to trick the search engines to get to the first page and then they get blocked. If you keep using proper tactics and have patience, your site will move up in time.

Linking strategy is a very important part of a strong and healthy SEO campaign. Growing Links organically is key in this effort. I consider blogs the best way to get new fresh one way in bound text links. Find blogs that are relevant to your industry. For example if you have a real estate website, find some good real estate blogs with high page ranks. See if you can contribute to those blogs or post comments on those blogs. Make sure that you embed links within the keywords in those blogs.  Sometimes it can also work to have your blogger username actually be the keyword you are going after.  One way links can also be obtained through SEO Optimized Press Releases. Make sure that you properly embed keywords  in the release so that it can lead to new inbound links to your site when media outlets pick up the release.

Stay away from shortcuts and follow the correct path, and it will lead to great organic SEO results in time. make sure you use a reputable Internet Marketing Company to help you with your SEO efforts.


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