Why To Be A Grateful Marketer + 10 Things For Digital Marketers To Be Grateful For

Why Be a Grateful Marketer

Why to be a grateful marketingGratitude is one of my favorite things. I always love Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday because it’s all about getting together for some food, drinks, and spending time with the people you love and being grateful for what you have. Although I’m not opting into the Facebook posts where you list what you are grateful for, I try to share my gratitude regularly. I write handwritten thank you notes. I tell people when they made a difference in my day. When given the opportunity, I refer my friends and colleagues to products and services that have made my life better.

In the business world, we hear a lot of clichés that focus on aggression. We have to dominate the competition. We have to WIN!  Never mind the fact that we are more effective with success-seeking than failure avoiding tactics and that competition can actually decrease our intrinsic motivations.

Meanwhile, gratitude improves your health and writing down successes can produce more energy. Does it mean we don’t compete? No. It just means we enjoy the process more. It means we truly embrace new frontiers and take the losses as a learning opportunity. With a grateful approach, we innovate and create while someone else worries about playing catch-up.

So, this holiday season, I encourage you all to stop and reflect on what to be grateful for in your day-to-day marketing tasks.  To help you get started I’ve assembled the following.

10 Things for Digital Marketers to be Grateful For

1.  Google Analytics Alerts

Why wait to know there’s a major server outage? Why be surprised that budgets ran out for your display campaign 3 days ago? These save time, keep you on the pulse of performance and can help you save time and money. Thank you Google Analytics.

2.  Boomerang for G-Mail 

If you don’t already have Boomerang and you use Gmail, you’re going to love this. Schedule for e-mails to go out later. Set an e-mail to bounce back if you don’t get a reply within 24 hours. Make follow up and reminders simple.

3.  Global Pages on Facebook 

Worried about managing 10, 20, 30 profiles for every country wherein your brand has an active presence? Consider the benefits of the Facebook Global Pages for Brands and if it makes sense for consolidating your marketing messaging and management time.

4.  WASP (Web Analytics Solution Profiler) 

WASP allows you to easily scan a page for analytics tagging, including advertising pixels, from your browser in one click – a lifesaver for anyone that needs to quickly scan for implementation.

5.  Co-Optimization Report in Google AdWords

The co-optimization report allows you to look at paid and organic data side by side and make some smart decisions. It also allows you a little more visibility to organic data around your most valuable keywords that you may not otherwise get data for with the changes in measurement.

And move into conceptual items:

6.  “Measurability” 

I love being able to measure things and you should, too. It helps us know if we’re going the right direction and reinforces our value. It’s also one key differentiator between digital and traditional marketing that helps us avoid investing too much time or energy in the wrong place.

7.  User Generated Content 

I even used this tactic on creating this blog post – that’s why all of my contributors are getting credit. Users like to be engaged and acknowledged (there’s that gratitude thing, again). One of the best ways to do this is to provide them a forum to provide input and interact – to help shape the voice of your brand….which brings me to the…..

8.  Users/Customers 

The users that come to your site, watched your YouTube video, or attended the event you bought ads to promote online. Those are the people that you are serving. Listen to them. They have valuable things to tell you. Sure, there are trolls, but spend the time separating the wheat from the chaff in the reviews. Spend some time getting moderated user testing. Follow that navigational path. You will learn so much and make your clients happy.

9.  Clients

We can’t forget to be grateful for our clients! Without someone trusting us and allowing us to work with them, we are nothing. This trust is sometimes harder to earn, sure, but keep working at it and earn it!  Each client gives us an opportunity to learn a new business, a new customer, and develop new professional relationships.

10.  Colleagues 

When I posed the question to my colleagues, the most popular response was analytics or personnel related. I hear it as a value differentiator at company after company. I see it repeated as the reason people come or go from a job. Your colleagues are the first stop to help you find new opportunities and learn about new tools. Take a moment this holiday season to share why you’re grateful!

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  1. Nickey

    Couldn’t agree with this more! Love #6 and #8 especially. Don’t know where I would be without measurability and of course the customers who give us all something to actually measure. Will be retweeting this post!


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