Google's YouTube Channel for Webmaster Videos

I just finished watching the State of the Index 2008 address by Matt Cutts from Google.  Google now has a YouTube channel set up to post webmaster videos to keep the world informed about what’s new with Google.  Sure there is an element of “sales” to this but it truly is a fantastic information resource for webmasters and marketers. 

It is imperative for any good Internet marketing company or webmaster to stay on top of the new things happening at Google.  In his adress, Matt gave an overview of some great new tools that Google has launched including of course the Google Chrome browser.  Some of the general new things to look for include better machine translation, new and better voice recognition applications, Google suggest, SearchWiki (which is part of Google’s persnal search features allowing you to move or delete results), Personal search, Universal search, etc.

Some great new tools for Internet marketing companies or SEO consultants include Google Trends (analytics tool used to show trends for specific search queries), Google Trends for Websites (tool for comparing traffic between various sites), Goolge Ad Manager (helps marketers manage various ads they are running on multiple sites and channels), Google Ad Planner (a very helpful tool allowing marketers to really target their ads and make educated choices for where their ads will appear), and more advanced Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics now offers advanced segmentation which allows people to really compare the ROI betweenb their organic results and their paid ad results.  Interesting stuff! Another great tool especially for Internet marketing companies and SEO firms is the “on demand” indexing system for web pages.  This allows webmasters the ability to submit webpages for indexing automatically – this ensures indexing within 24 hours.

Some interesting points for webmasters to note are improved crawling for Flash.  This means that Google now has improved systems for extracting text from Flash files but the basic rules still apply.  Websites that achieve the best rankings still need a good balance of static HTML especially with more people reviewing sites from their mobile devices.  Google also has systems for better processing of JavaScript.

Unfortunately, we still have to deal with hackers and black hat tactics.  We are seeing a trend in more agressive black hat SEO strategies which border on felony behavior. 

Check out the video for the full details!

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